Mesh Fees:

Mesh charges fees based on the usage of its services, including, but not limited to, first time issuance, minting, and listing. 

As a Mesh customer, you must ensure that you have sufficient balance of the currency which the instrument uses as a reference or a nominal currency, to complete any transaction on Mesh. 

You will not be allowed to issue, mint nor place your created instrument, if there is not a sufficient balance available within your Mesh Accounts to utilise this service. 

You are fully responsible to act as the Issuer of the instrument if your legal entity is documented as being the issuer 

Click on this link to see Mesh's full Fee Schedule.

Stellar Lumen Charges:

Some services on Mesh involve the use of the Stellar Blockchain, and require a payment of lumens for the service to be executed. Currently Mesh does not charge these fees to users.